Stillpoint School
"Excellence in Education"
* World-leading
Singapore Math program

* brain-friendly school

* content-rich curriculum

* nonreligious

* arts, drama, science,
theater, cultural literacy,
French language,
and world studies
* state-approved program

* independent, nonprofit

* grades K-6

* warm, caring atmosphere

* full-day Kindergarten

* rigorous academic program

Stillpoint School
P.O. Box 576
Friday Harbor
San Juan Island
(360) 378-2331

Stillpoint School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
Contributions are greatly appreciated!
All donations directly benefit students and are fully tax deductible
to the extent of the law.
"At the still point of the turning world"
from Burnt Norton, "Four Quartets"  by T. S. Eliot

Proud to be San Juan Island's only
private elementary school.

School begins on Tuesday, September 2nd!
It will be a half day, ending at 11am.
Parents are welcome to tour the school at 11am.
We are excited to see everyone!

Learn about the Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund!
Welcome to Stillpoint School!
~Where teachers love to teach
and students love to learn. ~